Conference camera

Conference camera

Conference camera

Conference camera

The EVI video conferencing series in the Sony Digital HD series integrated camera , Sony's pan / tilt / zoom ( P/T/Z ) camera product line is already very rich. Whether you need SD, 720P , 1080i or 1080p , Sony P/T/Z HD cameras can easily capture realistic images. It brings together Sony's extensive experience in HD technology and is equipped with a mature low-noise pan/tilt mechanism. Users communicate with people from all over the world, and they are as clear and realistic as they are. (Click here to learn more about Sony Video Conferencing Machine)

In addition, our Wells brand video conference camera uses Sony's movement, equipped with a self-developed code control board, and other related accessories for you to purchase. ( Click here to link to the Wells video conference machine details)

Sony video conferencing products have the following features:

( 1 ) Product flexibility and video output selection from standard definition to full HD
        The EVI-HD series offers a variety of formats and is a natural smooth video image

( 2 ) High quality image transmission

( 3 ) Wide range, quiet, fast pan / tilt movement

( 4 ) 10 optical zoom (digital zoom is used after 40 -fold)

( 5 ) RS-232C (remote control VISCA TM protocol )

( 6 ) 6 presets

( 7 ) Through the on-screen menu, you can use the infrared remote control to set

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