1. The most common questions


> No image problem: 
Cause 1: The high current voltage causes damage to the motherboard (power supply voltage and current are 9-12V and foot 1A respectively). 
Solution: Replace the camera core motherboard. 
Reason 2: like bad or damaged LVDS line problems 
Solution: Replace the LVDS line. 
Cause 3: Movement display apparatus and output video formats inconsistency 
Solution: the movement chosen for the output video format (SDI, HDMI) display device. 
Cause 4: movement or the board is damaged 
Solution: Replace the board or the movement. 
> Color is not normal (image of the flower): 
reason: LVDS line is bad or damage and other problems 
Solution: Replace the LVDS lines. 
> Sony uncontrollable movements 485: 
Reason 1: The camera core protocol, baud rate and address code and decode board inconsistency 
Solution: Check the protocol model movement used, the address code and baud rate, then adjust the decoding control The board is consistent with it. 
Reason 2: The camera core panel or keypad 485 (or VCR) equipment damage 
Solution: replacement of said damaged equipment.


2. Sony FCB series movement and machine Q & A


Question 1: What are the requirements for inserting the LVDS interface of the FCB Series HD movement? 
Answer: With the copper foil facing up, insert it horizontally after alignment. 
Question 2: What are the requirements for the FCB series movement to access the RS232 communication interface? 
Answer: TTL level (CMOS5V). 
Question 3: What is the best requirement for the FCB series movement to be connected to the power supply? 
Answer: DC9V/1A. 
Question 4: FCB-CH series movement, movement self-test without image failure? 
Answer: Internal and external synchronization failure. 
Question 5: There are flashing stripes on the FCB series HD movement image. How to deal with it? 
Answer: The format is incorrect and the image format is adjusted to 25p or 50p. 
Question 6: What are the power requirements of the FCB-CSE600? 
Answer: DC5V/1A (Note: above 5V will burn the module). 
Question 7: How does the FCB-CX490EP machine adjust the communication address and communication baud rate? 
Answer: After entering the menu setting, select item 8 (other settings), select item 3 and item 4 in the item menu setting, select the corresponding baud rate and address, and exit the menu setting from item 9 after selection. 
Question 8: How does the FCB-CX490EP machine adjust the color reproduction distortion problem? 
Answer: Generally, color reproduction distortion occurs. The main reason is that the color temperature of the environment changes. You can select the fourth item after entering the menu setting, and adjust the automatic white balance to the automatic tracking white balance mode, which can be changed. 
Question 9: How does the FCB-CX490EP machine adjust the automatic color-to-black mode to the external trigger mode (infrared linkage)?
Answer: After entering the menu settings, select item 5 (backlight compensation / wide dynamic / color to black / 3D noise reduction), select the third item in the item menu settings, select the EXT option, select from the 9th item Exit the menu settings. 
Question 10: How does the FCB-CX490EP machine adjust to display only color or black and white images? 
Answer: After entering the menu settings, select item 6 (image effect setting). After selecting the fifth item in the item menu setting, select color or black and white. After selecting, exit the menu setting from item 9. 
Question 11: Which parameters should be adjusted for FCB-CX48EP in road monitoring? 
Answer: Generally, the menus that need to be adjusted are: A. Focus adjustment to manual mode B. Exposure adjustment to electronic shutter priority mode C. Image sharpness adjustment to about 10 stops D. Adjust the image to moderate brightness by exposure compensation.


3. Sony EVI series video conference machine Q & A


Question 1: What is the optimal length of the RS232 cascading of the Sony EVI series video conferencing machine? 
Answer: The best cascading distance is 20 meters. 
Question 2: How do I flip the image over when the Sony EVI-D70P is hoisted? 
Answer: The image flip (IMAGE FLIF) switch near the upper right of the video output is turned to the ON position, and the power is turned off. 
Question 3: After the Sony EVI-HD1 video conferencing machine is installed, can't the self-test double-light flash? 
Answer: During the construction process, the length of the line of the DC12V power adapter power supply terminal is artificially extended.