1. After-sales service instructions

In order to better serve the needs of users, and to guide and use timely after-sales service, we are in the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality, high quality, and customer satisfaction." Introduce our company's after-sales service process with the principle of “attentive service and reliable product quality”.

2. Maintenance service process


1. When receiving customer maintenance information, promptly enter the maintenance registration form; 
2. Determine the customer's reason and maintenance cost when it is determined to be out-of-warranty; 
3. The maintenance cycle of the customer maintenance machine is completed in two weeks in principle, and the special circumstances must be reported. And timely notify the customer; 
4. When there is no accessory, inform the estimated repair time; 
5. After the warranty failure, fully test the customer machine to ensure that there are no other faults; 
6. Inform the customer of the repair content and precautions for use.